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Design of FDA Grade G2 Extruder

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Project Description

Type A Machines
Lead Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Engineering, Product Management

There are no FDA compliant extruders for desktop 3D printers on the market (at least at the time of this project). The goal of this project was to design for our client an extruder capable of satisfying the FDA criteria for at least being safe for food contact. I contributed to the project as the lead mechanical engineer and the product manager, managing our relationship with the client to ensure success and satisfaction.

Components of the project:

  • Worked with the client to parse their design expectations and convert them into design requirements.
  • Wrote the project plan, including timeline, the cost and expectations.
  • Designed the extruder, paying close attention to engineering tolerances.
  • Out of 7+ rapid-prototyping machine shops, I shortlisted 2 and obtained the prototypes.
  • Tested the prototypes and prepared the product for final hand-off to the client.
  • Set up Arena PLM to ensure smooth scaling for contract manufacturing.
  • Project was completed 2 weeks in-advance, saving more than 40% of the allocated budget.
  • Throughout this process, I enjoyed working with our client. I worked with them to meet the immediate needs of this particular project while also supporting their overall goals.


    • Project planning
    • CAD modelling
    • Engineering drawing
    • Tolerance analysis
    • Sourcing
    • Product Management