Vaibhav Sharma

Design Space Explorer

I design at the interface between hardware and software.

I love exploring hardware problems that require creative software solutions. My favorite part of what I do is putting in definition and structure into these interdisciplinary problems so we can better solve them.

In my work, it’s about getting things done. I don’t stop at what is assigned to me - I take initiative. If that means I need to learn something, whether it’s manufacturing, coding, or customer outreach, I’m on it, I’ll learn it, and I’ll master it. If it means that the user will have a better experience, I’m willing to break the status quo and put in the effort. Read about how I led Type A Machines' first product transition into contract manufacturing and projects I completed at Illumina for my experiences being a cross-functional team player.

I like to think of the future and design new paradigms. Working at a large bio-medical company, I rely on my startup experience to think beyond my role. I work at a lot of interfaces - the interface between hardware and software, manufacturing and support, and sometimes sales and marketing. But most of all, I work at the interface between what is and what could be. I’ve spent a lot of time thinking deeply about the conventional product development techniques and actively developing new ideas that can allow it to be more controlled, complex and useful.

There is a world of possibilities and I choose to be interdisciplinary, original, and committed to them. Read about how I developed Absolute Infill and Cubic Infill and how I introduced model based optimization in 3D printing for my industry-first innovations.


I work with industry-leading DNA sequencing instruments at Illumina. I build parts, develop tests, vet vendors, qualify product revisions and scale the product for contract manufacturing.


I write software features that make products smarter and automate testing to reduce the cognitive load on the operator.


I create the vision for intelligent products by leveraging engineering design optimization and machine learning.


"Systems and methods for designing and manufacturing multi-compartment capsules." U.S. Patent Application 16/011,520.


  • 2017 - 2018
  • Formlabs
  • Manufacturing Hardware Systems Engineer

Professional skills


  • Inventor: Product design, Harness design, Structural analysis
  • Solidworks, CATIA V5: Product design, Kinematic simulation, Structural analysis
  • ANSYS: Modelling, Structural analysis, Optimization
  • Rapidharness: Harness design
  • Analysis

  • JMP: Design of experiments, Tolerance analysis
  • Python: Numpy, Scipy
  • C++
  • MATLAB: Optimization, Machine learning, Image processing
  • Product lifecycle management

  • Arena PLM: BOM management, Change (ECO) management
  • SAP: BOM management, Change (ECO) management