Vaibhav Sharma

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New Product Integration (NPI) and Scaling for Contract Manufacturing

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Project Description

Type A Machines
Lead Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Engineering

This project was Type A’s first ever product transition into contract manufacturing and my goal was to ensure a smooth transition. To do this, I created a framework of engineering information and manufacturing operations that I handed to the contract manufacturer:

  • Arena PLM: I conducted BOM validation, set up Arena PLM with the infrastructure mirroring Type A's product, and imported the BOM in its entirety into Arena with all the relevant supplier and costing information.
  • Operational Method Sheet (OMS): In order to ensure a seamless knowledge transfer, I developed the OMS, a set of assembly instructions, in Autodesk Inventor to illustrate the assembly of each component with applicable QC criteria and torque specs.
  • Now that the transition to contract manufacturing is complete, I hold weekly meetings to ensure consistent quality. I conduct First Article Inspections and supplier validation. I manage and generate ECOs using Arena PLM to communicate changes with contract manufacturers. As an on-going effort, I am incorporating statistical process control into our process.


    • Arena PLM
    • BOM validation
    • Assembly instructions, Operations Methods Sheet
    • ECO Management
    • Statistical process control