Vaibhav Sharma

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Series 1 3D Printer Validation and CAD Revision

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Project Description

Type A Machines
Lead Mechanical Engineer
Mechanical Engineering, Product Management

In this project, I updated the design of the 2015 Series 1 3D printer to reflect the revisions to be released in the 2016 version. I revised the sheet metal components, machined metal parts and 3D printed components of the machine. I also revised all the wiring assemblies of the machine.

  • Sheet metal parts: I worked with sheet metal inserts, added necessary features and conducted First Article Inspection to verify changes.
  • Machined metal parts: I revised the critical dimensions of components to ensure a proper fit and established the manufacturability of the components.
  • Drawings: I generated the 2D and 3D drawings for all sheet metal and machined metal components.
  • Wiring harnesses: I updated the wiring harnesses, working with flat flex cables, hookup wires and molex interconnects. I also made drawings for the wiring assemblies.
  • My ability to incorporate feedback from the suppliers and manufacturing line technicians played a major role in satisfying both engineering requirements and design for manufacturability (DFM).


    • Sheet metal CAD modelling
    • Machined metal CAD modelling
    • Engineering drawing
    • Wiring harness design