Vaibhav Sharma

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Gesture-based CAD

Video demonstration of the gesture-based CAD software.
Shrey Pareek (left), Vaibhav Sharma (right).

Project Description

University at Buffalo
MS Mechanical Engineering
Intelligent CAD Interface
Mechanical Engineering, Graduate Research

In graduate school, learning about how to build intelligent CAD interfaces greatly interested me. Around the same time, I was exposed to the Leap Motion Controller, a device that can use hand and finger positions as input. As part of a project in the Human in the Loop Systems Lab, I was inspired to make a CAD interface with which users can generate and interact with 3D models using native gestures instead of mouse and keyboard. I defined gestures, wrote the software in MATLAB to recognize the gestures, and programmed a CAD interface to allow input of those gestures to create and manipulate 3D models. This work resulted in a publication.

Pareek, Shrey, Vaibhav Sharma, and Ehsan T. Esfahani. "Human Factor Study in Gesture Based CAD Environment." In ASME 2015 International Design Engineering Technical Conferences and Computers and Information in Engineering Conference, pp. V01BT02A028-V01BT02A028. American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2015.


  • Machine learning
  • Pattern recognition
  • Human interface in design
  • Matlab