Vaibhav Sharma

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Shape Optimization of Compliant Torque Wrench

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Project Description

University at Buffalo
MS Mechanical Engineering
Optimization in Engineering Design
Mechanical Engineering, Graduate Research

In general terms, I created a product as a mathematical solution to a real world problem. I was able to convert an experimental dataset into a response surface function, after which I optimized on the response surface. My specific implementation was with a 3D printable compliant torque wrench:

  • I used CATIA to design the torque wrench
  • Without conducting a manual structural analysis, I used ANSYS to simulate all the possible configurations in which this torque wrench would exist.
  • From the results of this simulation experiment I generated and visualized a hyper-dimensional response surface
  • I wrote optimization routines in MATLAB and ran them on this response surface to determine the optimal parameters for the torque wrench.
  • The outcome was a low-cost, customizable 3D-printable compliant torque wrench
  • This was a valuable learning experience because I use these innovative methods to conduct design space visualization for product validation.


    • Optimization in engineering design
    • Compliant mechanisms
    • Matlab
    • Shape optimization